HP Officejet 5260 Manual

HP Officejet 5260 Manual

hp Officejet 5260 series manualRead the HP Officejet 5260 Manual for complete installation.


HP Officejet 5260 Install Instructions:

Printer Installation
HP Officejet 5260 Printer Setup
HP Officejet 5260 Driver Download
HP Officejet 5260 Wireless setup
HP Officejet 5260 Problem fix

Read the guideline to set up your Officejet 5260 printer. The HP Officejet 5260 user manual provides the instructions for printer setup, driver download and wireless setup.
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HP Officejet 5260 Printer Setup

Setting up HP Officejet 5260 printer for the first time might be difficult for you. Thus, follow the steps given below and complete HP Officejet 5260 printer setup.

  • Take HP Officejet 5260 printer from the pack.
  • Clear off the covering materials from the OJ printer.
  • Connect the printer to the electric outlet.
  • Then, connect a USB cable to the printer port and computer.
  • Switch on the outlet; your printer will switch ON.
  • Power up the computer.
  • Insert the cartridges into slots in the printer.
  • Load and align papers in the tray.
  • Open any file on the computer and print as a sample print.


HP Officejet 5260 Driver Download

Driver download is necessary for HP Officejet 5260 printer setup. You can get the driver for Windows, as well as Mac OS. Make sure that you are downloading the upgraded version. The upgraded version driver enable to use all the advanced HP Officejet 5260 feature.

HP Officejet 5260 Driver Download – Windows

  • Go to your computer and access your desired browser.
  • Search for printer driver by entering your OJ printer model.
  • Once you see the list of drivers, find one suitable for your OS.
  • Then, download HP Officejet 5260 driver on the device.
  • Start installing HP Officejet 5260 driver.
  • Continue with the steps on the wizard.
  • Choose the preferred network setup mode from the available methods.
  • Finish HP Officejet 5260 driver installation with the on-screen steps.

HP Officejet 5260 Driver Download – Mac

  • Move on to your Apple device.
  • Ensure that your Apple device is not in connection with any USB cord.
  • Download compatible OJ 5260 driver and start driver setup.
  • Continue and choose the desired mode of connectivity.
  • Add your OJ 5260 printer when the setup windows ask.
  • Then, click on your printer name from the displayed list.
  • Choose Print Using and click on your Officejet printer.
  • Then, click Add and finish the Officejet 5260 driver setup.
  • Lastly, feed papers in the printer tray and print a test paper.

Download the HP Officejet 5260 driver, firmware, app, and software for MS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10(32/64 bit). Else, download the latest software, firmware, and drivers for macOS/OS X. If the HP Officejet 5260 printer driver is unavailable, follow the steps to download the software.

HP Officejet 5260 Wireless Setup

For HP Officejet 5260 wireless setup, you must have a list of essential items. It includes a power cord, USB cable, HP Officejet 5260 driver, and wireless router. If you have all these items, then follow the below Officejet 5260 setup manual.

Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Power up the computer, OJ printer, and router.
  • Connect the Wi-Fi network to the computer.
  • Now, set up your Officejet 5260 printer on your computer.
  • Move on to your printer LED panel.
  • Select the wireless setup option and go for the wireless setup wizard.
  • Continue with the set of instructions shown on the monitor.
  • A list of wireless networks you will see on the printer panel.
  • Choose the name of your Wi-Fi network.
  • If in case the name of your Wi-Fi is not in the network list, then Enter New Network Name.
  • Enter your network name and its passkey in the appropriate space.
  • Continue and complete HP Officejet 5260 wireless setup.

HP Smart App

  • Make sure that your smartphone has an active internet.
  • Go to the browser and find HP Smart App
  • Download HP Smart App on your smartphone.
  • Install the Smart App with the set of instructions given on the wizard.
  • After installation, open HP Smart App.
  • Then set the Bluetooth and location on the App.
  • Move on to the home screen and select the option – Add Printer.
  • Touch on your OJ printer name from the printer list.
  • Finish Officejet 5260 wireless setup and print a sample page.


HP Officejet 5260 Troubleshooting

With HP Officejet 5260 printer, you might face some common errors. Here we are providing solutions to some of the most common printer problems.

HP Officejet 5260 won’t print

If this issue occurs, then reset the print function of your Officejet 5260 printer. However, if the problem occurs again, then get in touch with us.

0XD8077900 Error Code in HP Officejet 5260

  • Restart your Officejet 5260 printer.
  • Choose the Cancel option when you see the error code.
  • After that, select Setup and go to Network setup.
  • Move on to Advanced Setting and Deactivate IPv6 and make it to 0.

For additional help to solve the printer error codes, reach us. Our tech experts provide instant solutions.

HP Officejet 5260 does not scan

You face this issue if the scan driver has any problem or the driver is missing. In this situation, uninstall and then install the printer again. Still, if you face the same issue, then call our technical experts.

HP Officejet 5260 printer offline.

Your OJ printer showing offline error due to the reasons given below:

  1. A problem with Officejet 5260 driver.
  2. The printer is not in connection with the Wi-Fi network.
  3. A problem in software installation or firewall blocking the functioning of the printer.

Contact us for the expert assistance.