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Setting up an HP printer is not so difficult. The printer setup consists of printer unboxing, driver installing, and Wi-Fi network setup. You also have to connect the USB cord with the power port. For upgraded HP printer driver, reach out to our tech experts.

123 HP Printer – Driver Download

Driver Downloading is essential for HP printer setup. Installing an updated HP Printer driver allows you to use all the printer features. The steps for downloading HP Envy, HP Envy Pro, HP Officejet Pro, HP Deskjet, and HP Officejet driver are:

  • Power up your HP printer.
  • Switch on the computer.
  • Download the driver suitable for your OS.
  • Start driver installation process.
  • Choose the network method.
  • Finish the printer driver setup.

123 HP Printer – Printer Setup

The printer setup process begins with connecting the printer to the power port. After that, you have to set up the printer driver and software. Then, make a connection with the device wirelessly. The procedure for HP printer setup is:

  • Connect the printer and electric port with a power cord.
  • Activate the printer and computer.
  • Download a suitable driver on your computer.
  • Begin the driver setup process.
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions.
  • Complete the printer setup process.

123 HP Printer – How to connect a printer to Wi-Fi?

Connect the HP printer to your device Wi-Fi by following the steps given below:

  • Take a power cable and connect the devices.
  • Turn on the computer, router, and HP printer.
  • Then download the HP printer driver and software on the device.
  • Open the saved file to start the driver installation.
  • While installing the driver, choose the wireless setup option.
  • Complete the driver set up and print a test file.

123 HP Printer – How to setup a printer?

The general steps for quick HP printer setup are:

  • Unpack the HP printer.
  • Switch on your printer and desktop.
  • Download the latest driver on your desktop.
  • Start installing the driver and proceed.
  • Select the desired method to connect the printer and desktop.
  • Continue and finish your HP printer first-time setup.
  • Finally, print a document as a test to ensure the correct printer setup.

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